Movie Mania: Transformers Themed 3D Glasses/Mask

For those of you eagerly awaiting the release of the new Transformers movie this summer, we have a special companion you may want to take into the cinema with you, to make you stand out even more than the 3D does.

Dark Of The Moon, which is the 3rd film in the Transformers franchise is hitting cinemas this summer and Hasbro has made a special pair of 3D Glasses to celebrate the release of the big sci-fi movie. We say glasses but it is more like a mask with a pair of Real 3D Glasses attached. Sadly they are not compulsary for all people who buy a ticket and so you will have to fork out $9.99, according to Worst Previews.

Electric Pig has reported that there are two different version of the “cine-mask” you can choose from which are “Optimus Prime or “Bumblebee,” who are two of the heroic Autobots from the movie. It is not known whether a bad boy Megatron version of the mask will become available, for those who prefer to support the Decepticons.

If you fancy buying a pair of these one off 3D cine-masks then they will be sold at most retailers that stock Hasbro prodcucts near the time of the film’s release. These glasses do not quite match up to the active shutter glasses that are sold by the big companies with their TVs; however they will be good for one off fun. Beware, as embarrassment will not be a valid reason if you try to get a refund the next day. Will you really pluck up the courage to turn up to the cinema looking like robot?