Lenovo T420 ThinkPad vs MacBook Pro vs Sony VAIO S: Battle Of The Battery

Just yesterday we reported on news of company Lenovo updating their current range of laptops. Although we saw a handful at CES in January, its the ThinkPad series that has been addressed and in particular the T420.

One of the T420’s biggest selling points is that of the increased battery life. Ok, so the T series will include new Core i5 and i7 processors, NVIDIA Optimus graphics but the battery working from its nine-cell power plant will give out an impressive 30 hours juice life. So how does the new T420 laptop expected to launch at the end of March, fair with other competition? Interestingly enough 2 other models will appear to be stiff competition, the first being Apple’s MacBook Pro which with a complete refresh is due to launch tomorrow and the other being the new Sony VAIO S series.

Peter over at PR News has given a good insight into all 3 models comparing the battery life of each. Although it comes down to personal preference, we can tell you that the MacBook is expected to launch with a battery life of 10 hours with the VAIO at 14 hours. As PCWorld reported, to gain any benefit of increased battery life, users will have to buy an extra battery to connect to the optical bay, something as Tim here at OSM touched on yesterday. The Sony VAIO S laptops have an attached battery which can be fitted without removing the main one.

With competition heating up and 3 fantastic models to compare, give us your thoughts? Who will be crowned the battery winner?