Go For Gold: Motorola Xoom Limited Edition Give-Away At Oscars 2011

One of the oldest and most prestigious events of the movie calendar is due to take place this coming weekend, it is of course the Oscars 2011. The once a year gathering is a chance to applaud many great actors and actresses, directors and writers and judging by news over the web at this current time, films “The Kings Speech” and “The Social Network” are 2 hot favorites to win the gold trophy.

But something else is about to make its way down the red carpet, we are in fact talking about Motorola’s new Xoom tablet which for all intents and purposes is about to launch officially tomorrow. It has been reported from many including Donald Melanson at Engadget that the Android 3.0 Honeycomb (coincidentally the first with this OS), will be given away to a certain few at the ceremony on Sunday, and its not just a black version at that. A gold limited edition complete with custom made leather envelope case, will be handed to the hosts as well as nominees.

This will apply as Pocketlint stated, the Best Actor and Actress, Best Director, Best Supporting Actor and so on. The new 10.1-incher on Verizon will hit Stateside tomorrow with pre-orders of the device already underway. In the last couple of days, we have asked the question as to whether Xoom sales will rocket, unfortunately the tablet will launch but without the support of Flash content, something of which will be rectified in coming weeks. Adobe have promised an imminent OTA update delivery Flash Player 10.2 in the near future hence, giving the Xoom a “full web experience.”

Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day for the tech world, for as well as Motorola’s offering, we have the MacBook Pro Refresh launch to look forward to.

Are you in the market for a Xoom? What do you think about the celebrities taking home one of these in their goody bag? Let us know your comments.