Facebook Vs Foursquare: Places Or Check-ins?

When it comes to social networking more and more companies and brands are moving towards it for different reasons. One that is up and coming is Foursquare, we have recently seen it reaching seven million users and also teaming up in Europe with Sony to give exclusive offers.

Facebook were quick to cotton on to the success that Foursquare was seeing using geo-locations so launched their own version called Facebook Places. When things like this happen, where one company puts its own spin on an idea it usually sparks comparisons and people asking the same question that we are of you, which is more popular Facebook Places or Foursquare Check-ins?

Foursquare recently hit more than 200,000 check-ins for the Super Bowl partly because there doing an exclusive offer when you supported one of the two teams. Not only did you get your badge but you got money off your merchandise from the NFL shop online. It just goes to show how much sports and social media are becoming intertwined.

On the other hand, Facebook who are always trying to cover all angles launched their Facebook Deals page. You would think that just on numbers, Facebook should have this battle won outright. 500 million users are signed up with Facebook and more than half of them are daily returners, where as Foursquare is just reaching 7 million users with no insight as to how many of them are using the service daily.

Over at AccuraCast News they have added an article that is asking you which is the most popular of the two, they say that there has been a study carried out giving stats of the findings so have a peek at it. If you aren’t entirely content with that then there’s also a very informative article by Chris Dannen over at bnet.com, he has written about how the likes of WSJ were perhaps incorrect in saying that Facebook’s places will kill off Foursquare and how nobody is really sure what the best use for Foursquare is.

Which do you think is better, Check-ins or Places? Which of the services do you prefer to use? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • khalid