Facebook To Become New Voting Method On Reality TV Shows?

Facebook could soon be getting yet another practical use, after it was revealed that music mogul Simon Cowell is in talks with the social networking service about introducing a new type of voting system.

The general proposition is that Facebook users can vote from the comfort of their profile, opposed to having to call and text the hotlines and phone various different numbers to save their favourite act. Cowell’s massively successful talent show The X Factor is watched by millions here in the UK, and he is expanding it out to the US this year. We also brought you the news recently that Cowell had signed the 10 year old YouTube singing sensation Heather Russel to his label Syco.

A large portion of X Factors viewers are young and are likely to have Facebook accounts. Due to their age it is not always possible for the younger audience to vote for their favourites so this new process could make the vote a whole lot easier. In 2010 the X Factor Final, alone pulled in 15 million votes with the viewing audience being significantly higher, according to Metro.

Cowell’s aim is reportedly to make “voting easier for millions of fans”, and this will be achieved but we know it is really to pull in more money. Facebook’s 600 million active worldwide users will help this cause and with the X Factor being expanded to the US, it will give them the option to do likewise. Unreality TV has reported that broadcasting laws in America ensure that voting is free, so for the US version, voters will be required to use an app or “like” a certain page.

If this huge deal does go ahead, I am confident it will a success and Facebook will most probably be the most used method of voting. Votes normally cost between 30p and £1 when done via phone and text but the premium could change when done on the social network, with Facebook Credits being the method of payment. This potential partnership will pave the way for other reality TV shows to get in on the fun, and by the end of the year social media could be the norm for TV voting.