Calvin Klein Commits To Huge Social Media Campaign: Users Get Interactive

For companies and its brands, social media plays a huge part with increasing sales and driving the business forward. The coalition between the promotional exercise lends itself to the social media forum and it spreads the brands name through a vast static audience. One such brand is that of Calvin Klein.

A large campaign has been launched in order to re-brand their nineties “ck one” line of mens and womens fragrances. This time round as well as smellies, a clothing range will be included with underwear and clothing. As mashable pointed out, the campaign debuting on March 1 will be broadcast online, by way of mobile app and paper form.

It is hoped by introducing a global social media campaign, the new re-brand will appeal to a younger audience as well as the existing consumers. With a dedicated site named, visitors to the site will be able to not only see the products on the screen, but will get information on each individual item as well as finding out about the 30 cast members in the campaign.

Embracing the message further, social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook amongst others will join in, allowing online users to upload videos to the site with discussion groups as well being able to answer questions posed by cast members.

Mobile phones along with apps play an integral part in people’s daily lives, and the Calvin Klein brand is no exception. In order to advertise the apps, large billboards will be lit up around cities such as LA and New York, as well as advertisements shown in big magazine names.

Are you a fan of Calvin Klein? Will you be getting involved?