Apple Set To Increase Their Music Quality- Worth It?

Those high quality tracks you download from iTunes could be set to get higher, as Apple are reportedly in talks with record labels to increase the quality of the songs that are sold.

Several other digital music sellers are in talks with the labels such as Universal, who are considering upping the MP3 quality to 24-bit files, according to Tech Radar. The music will become even clearer and sharper, however will be sold for a higher premium price. The concept sounds good for music lovers with deep pockets, but will the difference in sound quality really inspire people to spend the extra when they are already getting a generally good service?

Universal has spoken out over this news, with their Chairman Jimmy Lovine saying “Apple has been great… We’re working with them and other digital services — download services — to change to 24 bit.” Mashable has interestingly reported that most of Apple’s current devices do not support 24-bit files, so this move would only take place after they have launched their new devices like the iPhone 5 and iPod Touch sequel.

The release date for these new devices are still unconfirmed, with September now being a hotly tipped month for the debut. This will have a knock on effect on the new “higher quality” files which could make their appearance on iTunes around the same time as the release of the new iPhone. I am still not totally convinced that there is enough demand out there for 24-bit files, but we will see. Will the extra quality tempt you to spend the extra cash?