Yammer Enterprise Site For Employees: Communication / Motivation Improved

Yammer, which was originally founded in 2008, is a site set up with companies and its employees in mind. It was reported in September last year, that the service was being used by more than one million users and 80,000 companies globally. On a daily basis, here at OSM we tend to bring you social media news in relation to job hunting, promotion of company brands, increasing customer databases and so on, along with benefits to the emergency services, banks, pubs and restaurants and so on.

I have to say I wasn’t really familiar with what Yammer was trying to achieve but on looking into it further, the site is definitely worth a look. Lack of communication between employees and/or managers can sometimes cause a rift within company walls, this consequently can lead to a rise in absence or even some leaving the company. Whether its just members of staff wanting to ask questions, create polls, post events as building43.com reported, or just arrange group discussions, Yammer will benefit many people.

It seems the site has ventured out on its own with the emphasis of changing the way people communicate with each other in the workplace. The enterprise social network provides a database of conversations whether old or new and the beauty of it, is that anyone can join in, not just the original employees who may have started the discussion. It only works when current employees have a company email address which gives them access to the network, even if an employee leaves, information will be stored.

Founder and CEO of Yammer David Sacks said, “It helps expose who in the company has hidden expertise, who is contributing the most and who other people go to for answers.” He followed on by saying, “Companies that use Yammer have employees that feel more engaged, they feel more connected to their co-workers, they feel more connected to the company’s mission. As a result, you have less employee turnover.”

Tell us have you considered /currently using Yammer? Give us your feedback?