TypeTop Swivel iPhone 4 Case: Gives Protection & Bluetooth Keyboard

Touchscreen phones are commonplace, but while most will choose a keyless device nowadays, one of the most popular complaints arises from the touchpad when trying to type. As technology grows so does the precision but for some it is never accurate enough.

Have no fear though, as Ubergizmo has sourced information on a new idea from Mobile Fun for iPhone 4 users.

With the help of its TypeTop Swivel Bluetooth Keyboard, iPhone 4 followers will be able to convert the protective casing into a laptop style keyboard with the iPhone as the screen. Connecting via Bluetooth the keyboard performs under its own power so as not to drain precious battery life from the handset.

One of the best features along with the additional keyboard is the TypeTop’s ability to swivel and tilt the device-come-screen to whatever angle is required. It can make document and email typing a breeze with the bonus of giving a stand for watching films or FaceTime chat.

According to Phones Review, the keyboard can also be removed and wirelessly connected to other devices like tablets or PS3’s and at only £34.95, I think you will agree it is a highly useful, versatile addition to any iPhone 4. Tell us if you know of a better accessory for the discerning iPhone device user?