Tweet Reveals Sprint Could Get HTC Pro 7 In February

Recently we have been overcome with news on WP7 this was mainly due to the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft, we now have more news flowing in following a recent Tweet from US carrier Sprint, which revealed we could possibly get the HTC Pro 7 in February.

According to this post from Pocket-Lint the teasing Tweet read “If you could design a brand new phone, what would it have? Ours will have a hub for gaming, music, pictures and video”. As we all know Windows Phone 7 offer all of these features within their operating system, which makes us guess that this is what we can expect to see.

To divulge a little further after reading this post from Engadget it would appear that this mystery Windows device could be the much awaited HTC Pro7, this device which was announced last year has been waiting for Microsoft to release its first big software update. This update which will include copy and paste function will also bring along CDMA support, with this in mind it seems pretty clear that this could be Sprints first WP7 handset.

This touch screen device which has a sliding out QWERTY keyboard has some pretty great features, these features in brief are a 3.6inch screen, 5MP camera with flash, 1GHz processor, 576MB of RAM and 8GB internal storage. To see the full specs and over view check out the official site here.

Microsoft seems to be growing from strength to strength, using their OS on devices from all manufacturers like Acer, HTC and Dell to gain strength in the market place. With a very popular OS like this on board we expect to see some impressive things from the Pro 7 if announced February 24th.

Will you be getting this handset if it’s released on Sprint?

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