Kinect SDK Free Download Spring For Windows – Hackers Rejoice

When it comes to Microsoft Kinect, in recent times you would always associate it with gaming and Xbox 360. The device has been pretty popular and is perhaps one of the ways that gaming will continue to develop in the future.

Now we are hearing something new, we are hearing that the Kinect SDK will be hitting Windows. The first thing we thought when we read the initial report over at Engadget was “Are You Sure?” it sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it Then again, why wouldn’t they want to put the SDK out there? After all, the console that the Kinect is on led the way for Microsoft in terms of earnings in Q2 and enough people have hacked the device.

The report on Engadget is by Joseph L.Flatley, mentions that everyone is enjoying the different Kinect hacks that are floating around the net. We even heard a rumor that there would be a release of the Kinect for Windows SDK. With this news breaking it does make you wonder what we will see next when the hackers really get to grips with it.

Check out the blog post by clicking here. They mention that it will be available this spring and it will be a free download. Since when has Microsoft allowed the customization of its systems and software? Is this a new look that we are seeing from MS?

Are you wondering what crazy ideas are going to come from this? We can’t want to see the new videos that will undoubtedly get loaded onto YouTube. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.