HP Palm TouchPad Tablet: Release Date In April?

At MWC 2011 we heard about a tablet PC that is on its way, this is the HP Palm TouchPad. We recently asked you if you thought it would be any competition for the iPad but with it being one of the new tablets using dual-core processing technology it certainly is.

Apple may have set the trend for 2011 by revolutionizing the dead tablet PC market in 2010, but now we are seeing lots of different tablets that will perhaps overtake them. As Android did in the smartphone market, they are filling the tablet PC market with different devices from various manufacturers. We have now heard that the HP Palm TouchPad will potentially be released in April and of course will be running on their latest WebOS platform.

Over at Engadget their author Thomas Ricker is taking the above mentioned date which originally came from DigiTimes with a pinch of salt. Ricker is skeptical that the device could ship in April and is leaning towards a summer release with the Palm Pre 3.

So what was actually said over on DigiTimes, well their author has basically pointed towards HP’s upstream component partners as sources but there is no official word from HP of an April date. We would have to agree with Engadget on this one, when it comes it will more than likely be in the summer, we can’t see how it could be ready so quickly.

If it is ready to start shipping then kudos to HP, but if it does come in the summer then there’s going to be even more competition in the market. Another consideration is will the specs of the device be out of date in the summer? We have seen some pretty impressive stuff from the NVIDIA tablet project Kal-El with a quad-core processor which is set to hit us in August.

When do you think this tablet will hit the market for retail? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.