Facebook Relationship Notifies You: Weasels Will Love It

When it comes to Facebook it certainly has its advantages, it’s great for keeping in touch with your friends and family and seeing photos of everyone. As we know Facebook has a darker side to it as well, where we have seen inmates from a prison re-offending from behind bars using social networking.

Earlier this week we saw Facebook roll out a couple of new settings for relationships and now we have heard of a new notification app that monitors other people’s relationships. Little stalker weasels are going to love it! Facebook is bad enough with people not locking down their profiles using the integrated security but for them to allow this through is a bit crazy.

Within the app, it sounds like you can specify your ‘victims’ by gender, groups of friends or specific friends. We found a report on the app on Yahoo News by digitaltrends and they describe the app as being like an alarm clock as it emails you when there’s an update. The guys from digitaltrends found this through some comments on Reddit, you can read them all too by clicking here.

All this talk of creeps reminds me of The Lonely Island’s new song, it’s a shame this app didn’t come out before the song as it would have been perfect for a verse! We are all sitting trying to think of a use for this app and can’t really come up with one…

What do you think this app could be used for (other than stalking)? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/May-T-Kereopa/100002026168915 May T Kereopa

    yes i surpose theirs some clever fools out their that think they can,or want too control an scare the s,,t out of people.