Coca Cola Happiness Truck Returns: This Time It’s In Rio

We all love a bit of happiness in our lives and we think no one understands this more than Coca Cola, making it their eternal mission to bring a little piece of joy to our hearts, they have returned with the Coca Cola Happiness truck, this time it has pulled up in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

Their last little sunshine spreading video titled “The Happiness Machine” was a major hit for the brand pulling in more than 3 million views, with the intense popularity of this the company didn’t want to leave It too long before they brought us the sequel . The company also hopes with this new twist on the very popular video it will show how happiness translates in markets around the world.

In this clip (which has been added to their official Facebook page) you can watch a branded truck driving around the streets of Brazil, when it stops and people press the big red button on the back the truck dispenses free Cokes. Not content on just giving out free soft drinks it then continues to spit out free gifts like a surfboard, footballs, t-shirts, beach chairs and sunglasses.

According to this post from, in between these two videos there have been as many as 40 other videos that have taken inspiration from these clips, you can watch some of these by following this link over to Coca Cola’s YouTube channel, if you want to watch the latest clip from Rio scroll to the bottom of this post.

After sitting here and watching some of these clips ourselves we couldn’t help but smile, with so much heartache going on in the world right now it’s nice to just forget your troubles and be happy. Even though it lasts just over two and a half minutes, we can guarantee that anytime you see the Coke branding you will smile to yourself.

Did these clips bring a smile to your face? What was your favorite?

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  • Kelly

    incredible clip! I could not stop smiling!