Android & iOS To Get Minecraft Game This Year

Fans of Mojang’s popular indie sandbox game “Minecraft”, will be delighted to hear that it will be getting a release on iOS and Android devices later this year.

We have been getting reports from Adam Rosenberg over on Digital Trends that Mojang are in the beta phase of development with iOS, with the game becoming available later on in 2011. Minecraft is reportedly also in the works for the Android platform, which is likely to make an appearance around the same time as Apple’s version.

Minecraft Classic first made its appearance in May 2009 and has several different versions released, with Beta being the most recent which launched in December 2010. The sandbox game has been very popular and had over 1 million purchases with general positive reviews from users. The game gives players freedom to create whatever they like, with Mojang saying “Minecraft is a game about placing blocks to build anything you can imagine.”

Tina Chubb writing on Product Reviews has reported that the iOS version of Minecraft will not be receiving every update that the PC version receives; although it will be getting the features that make sense for touch-screen devices instead. This news comes from the Mojang founder Markus Persson, so it looks to be a good indication of what we can expect from the mobile version of the game. Are you looking forward to playing Minecraft on your mobile later this year? Or should the game have been kept on the PC, where it is best?