Samsung Unveil Five NX Camera Lenses

As we have previously brought you news of the range of Samsung NX cameras, it seems only right that we should follow on with an update about what else we can expect to see within this range, through the course of this year Samsung will release five new NX camera lenses.

All these new lenses will be compatible with the company’s unique i-Function system, for those not familiar with this system this allows the user to adjust camera settings that are usually only handled by the camera body. With the use of the i-Function button on the lens the focus ring becomes dual purpose, turning into the dial that is usually used to control things like aperture and shutter speed.

According to a post from the five new lenses will consist of a 16-80mm standard zoom, 18-200mm multi-purpose telephoto zoom, 85mm ultra bright portrait, 16mm ultra wide pancake and a 60mm macro. These lenses will come with features that are specific to their use, to find out more about this follow this link to the post.

As we said at the start these are due to be released through the course of the year, thanks to this post from Mark Goldstein we can tell you that this will be between the months of May and December. To see what lenses are released on what month and to see Samsungs official press release follow this link over to

Hopefully this will bring a smile to all you Samsung NX camera owner’s faces, with a superb piece of kit like this it’s good to see something new that you can start to use to experiment with. I think you will agree there is nothing worse than buying an expensive device like this, and getting bored rather quickly because of the lack of accessories available.

Are you a Samsung NX owner? If so is this good news for you?

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