iPad 3G UK Carriers Reduce Price: iPad 2 Close?

With the iPad 2 expected to arrive in the next few weeks, its no surprise to hear of first generation iPad‘s bearing a price reduction. Although we have had no official launch date for the iPad 2, UK carriers Orange and T-Mobile have been reported as selling the 16GB iPad with the inclusion of 3G and WiFi at a reduced price. But can this sudden price drop be related to the subsequent next gen tablet?

Rumors have been rife as to what the second tablet will include, from possibilities such as a new camera(s), faster processor, smaller and thinner design and so on, and only yesterday we reported on an Asian supplier that had developed a leather case purely made to house the iPad 2. Click here to see the pictures and video.

The guys over at AppleInsider via TechRadar have stated that Orange and T-Mobile will now be retailing the Apple 3G iPad for £99 with a 2 year contract for existing customers. On comparison to the pricing structure before, Orange was selling the tablet to existing customers for £199.99 with a £25.00 per month contract, on the other hand for new customers, the price was £229.99 with a rise of £27.00 per month data plan.

We decided to look into this further to find out whether the price reduction was limited to both of the retailers above. Over at BGR via 9 to 5, news of Carphone Warehouse has been trickling in suggesting that the 64GB WiFi model as well as the 3 iPad WiFi plus 3G versions have all sold out, along with European retailer Ingram Micro selling out of 3 iPad models as well as a low inventory on the other 3 versions of the tablet device. Is this just purely coincidental or do they know something we don’t?

Tell us are you going to take advantage of the discounts, or are you going to wait for the highly anticipated iPad 2?