iPad 2 Review: Genius Video Fake – Must See

One of the most talked about devices at the moment has to be the next-generation Apple iPad, commonly referred to as the iPad 2, which is rumored to be due for release in April. We’ve been bringing you news and speculation on this for some time and we know just how many of you want all the details as we hear them.

Among our recent stories are speculation about the price, a leather case, a new smart bezel, which would replace physical buttons and news of Apple hogging all the touch panels, which could lead to shortages for other tablet producers. However sometimes we know that all the rumors and speculation can get a little overwhelming and so we thought you may appreciate a light-hearted story.

The Next Web drew our attention to a YouTube video made by a remarkable young man, Eskild Engeland Fors, who has posted an iPad 2 Review – Hands On. If you take a look at the video which is below this story it becomes clear pretty soon that this is of course fake so don’t expect to find out any startling new information about the upcoming iPad 2. However, it is one of the funniest videos we’ve seen, featuring a giant iPad, and deadpan facial expressions.

New features on the fake iPad 2 include iTunes where bad music is deleted and anything by Justin Bieber makes the iPad self-destruct and a photo-editing feature using voice commands, which automatically changes photos. The section where Fors shows how it can be used as a convenient phone really made us chuckle and the selection of built-in apps such as iFoodtray, iFruitchopping tray and iRemote is also worth a look. We don’t even want to tell you how the iMotivator works!

All-in-all this video makes a refreshing change from all the serious iPad 2 speculation so please do take a look and admire this clever video. Meanwhile if you want to get back to some serious iPad 2 news, yesterday we reported on the next MacBook Pro refresh and the possibility that the new line could feature Light Peak technology, a new high-speed connection. Roberto over on Pad Gadget tells more about this and speculates that this could indeed come to the iPad 2.

What are your thoughts on the fake iPad 2 video? We’d love to hear from you about this so please do send in your comments using the box below.