Huawei To Improve London’s Tube Mobile Network: In Time For Olympics?

Are you a current London Underground user, do you struggle to connect on your mobile device? Today’s news may be about to improve the present WiFi / mobile connectivity system currently used by thousands of commuters every day. Bring on Chinese mobile phone manufacturer Huawei and a possible deal with London Underground that is hoped to change this?

As well as everyday users and the forthcoming 2012 Olympic Games in London, if the deal does go ahead with the implementation of new equipment provided by Huawei as Pocketlint reported, installation and maintenance will then be carried out by Thales. Boris Johnson, Mayor of London is hoping to get this new idea underway as soon as possible, although for some people, there may be an air of concern as presently Huawei is the only equipment contender in the running. Although the company as stated are willing to invest £50 million, with lack of time and other resources, will the service be a “rushed job.”

So what do we know about Huawei? Originally founded in 1988, the Chinese multinational networking and telecommuncations supplier currently provides equipment to at least 50 of the largest telecoms operators including the UK’s BT network. In terms of Research and Design Centers, investment equates to 10% with centers in Sweden, Moscow, Dallas, Silicon Valley in the US and so on.

If the deal emerges then it will cost in the region of £100 million, with equipment being fitted out along the entire roof of the underground’s existing tunnels. Work is reported to take place firstly on the Central and Jubilee lines followed by existing lines after 2012. Plans for the underground to get improved network coverage has been on the cards for some time, but on taking over from his predecessor Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson has made it a big priority by saying he has had to “bash heads together,” to start the ball rolling as it were within the mobile phone industry.

When talking about the subject of WiFi, interestingly enough as stated, at the beginning of November last year, a trial lasting 6 months commenced, giving customers the opportunity to log onto the internet from laptops and mobiles at Charing Cross Tube station. To find out more on this click the link at the start of this paragraph.

Let us know your thoughts of an improved network service? What are your feelings of the inclusion of Huawei?