HTC Inspire 4G: Lacks HSUPA for Fast Uploads But Only $59.99

We’ve recently been bringing you news on the HTC Inspire 4G, which has just been released on AT&T. We included this handset in our roundup of some of the best new Android smartphones and also gave news of the launch along with price news.

We felt that the HTC Inspire 4G was a really competitively priced smartphone especially as it was a 4G handset. However today we have come across an article by Quentyn Kennemer over on Phandroid, sourced from Android Central, which tells us that the HTC Inspire 4G does not have HSUPA capabilities. Kennemer had noticed that in his speed tests, download performance was good but that he was a little disappointed in upload speeds.

Meantime Android Central had contacted AT&T about the same issue and they were informed that the Inspire 4G does not have the HSPUA radios that are necessary to upload over HSPA+. As Kennemer notes this is a disappointing setback especially if you like to use your phone for online gaming when good upload speeds are important. Android Central notes that the upload speeds for the Inspire 4G are only half a fast as those on the iPhone 4 (HSUPA capable).

If this doesn’t put you off and you still intend to purchase the HTC Inspire 4G you may be interested in an article by Mariella over on Free PC Guides, which says that the Inspire 4G is available from Amazon at the moment for only $59.99, although the original price was $99.99 on contract, so that’s a pretty good deal if you’re not worried about 4G speeds. Are you disappointed that the Inspire 4G does not have HSUPA capabilities? Let us know with your comments.