Hackers Respond To Sony’s PS3 Life Ban Threat

Sony recently put their foot down on the threat from Hackers and announced that anyone caught using illegal or pirated software would receive a life time ban from the PlayStation Network (PSN). The hackers have responded to this threat, simply by saying they will use their rogue skills to get themselves back on the PSN.

The hackers who have broken through the PS3’s security systems, run all sorts of illegal software which has run riot on the PSN, with the ability to modify and affect their scores and records aswell as those of other innocent players. Sony has used their very best efforts to repair these cracks that the hackers are making in the consoles but they will never truly eliminate the threat. The threat of a life time ban from the PSN looks to be a waste of time, as the hackers are simply laughing in their face.

According to Geeky Gadgets the threat of hacking is becoming even more serious, as they claim to have created a new hack that can allow banned users to un-ban their own consoles and also ban consoles for other non pirate players. Not only are Sony getting embarrassed by the cheats, they are also threatening the security of innocent players who could be banned for doing nothing wrong.

If you are a hacker and have been caught or are an extremely unlucky person who has been targeted by the rogue software then you should have your access to the PSN totally disabled. You will know if this is the case as PC World has reported that players will be greeted with the “8002A227 error message” which says “You Cannot Use PlayStation Network With This Account”. Have you had your PSN account disabled by Sony since they announced the punishment for hacking? Let us know your views in the comments, and whether you think hackers have the right to do what they want with their property.

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    you guys are idiots… you don't even proof read your article before you post it. geeze.