GammaTech’s Durabook S15C: A Very Rugged Laptop

We have seen some rugged devices in the last little while, some of these include the ioSafe Hard Drive that was shot with a shotgun back at CES 2011, we also reported on the SeaLife camera and most recently we reported some of the details of the Getax V100 laptop.

We have even reported on what could be the most rugged phone in the world from Sonim. Now we are bringing you another tough laptop, this one is called the GammaTech Durabook S15C. The Getax V100 for all its toughness, you have to admit it’s just downright ugly, but this seems to be a feature of all rugged laptops, except perhaps the Durabook S15C.

This laptop as Ray Willington of explains is a device aiming to combine ruggedness with sleek looks and decent specs… That’s not possible you say, well let’s check out the specs. It has a 15.6” LCD with a high resolution, up to 8GB of RAM, a choice of 250/320/500GB hard drives and it can have the Intel i7 or i5 processor. We have found a source reporting more of the specs that you can have so head on over to and have a peek.

From the picture above you can see that it isn’t a bad looking laptop especially when you consider that it can certainly withstand some torture. If you are interested in the device and want to learn more about it then why not head over to the report on Engadget’s site by Darren Murph, he talks about some of the rugged features such as the way the hard drive is designed to absorb shock. You can also check out the GammaTech official website for some more interesting information about the Durabook line.

What do you think? Have they managed to combine sleek looks with rugged toughness? Let us know in the comments section below.