Facebook Vs LinkedIn: Which Is The Most Valuable?

When it comes to Facebook and LinkedIn, whilst they are both vast social networks they generally have different uses. Facebook as you all know is mainly used for keeping in contact with friends and relatives as well as showing off your photos from nights out, holidays or from different events.

LinkedIn on the other hand is completely different to any of the other social networks even down to target audience. LinkedIn is described as a social network for professionals; we would describe it basically as an online CV. You enter your details of education, previous roles and experiences. Over on the Forbes blog, there’s a post that is talking about the productivity and its approach to data so head over and have a read. There’s also an interesting article over at itweb.co.za written by Admire Moyo talking about how LinkedIn has triumphed in business over Facebook.

Facebook has become extremely popular with more than 500 million users signed up; it has become a place not only for people but for brands too. We have even seen some companies such as FCUK and ASOS using Facebook as a platform to sell their products.

So which of the two is the most valuable? When it comes to actual value Facebook outweighs LinkedIn by a country mile but however, when you look at specific target audiences then it’s a bit different. We already mentioned that LinkedIn is used more by professionals but it is also being used by companies to get a real sense of what that potential person is about. Really what we are trying to say is that both are valuable in their own rights and their own markets. You may want to check out one of our other article that explains about where to apply your efforts with social media.

Which do you use more for your business, Facebook or LinkedIn? Let us know in the comments section below.