bModo 12G Tablet PC: Review & Price

With the tablet market being inundated weekly with new devices we really are being spoilt for choice, a good review and price can make a real difference when choosing what Tablet PC is best for you, with this in mind we thought we would bring you a bit more information on the bModo 12G tablet.

Like all other devices on the market today this one is also trying to sway you to purchase it, by packing itself full of some great features and equipping a pretty tasty spec list this tablet is screaming out buy me. Before talking about these specs you can check out the video below to see this piece of kit being put through its paces.

We have previously seen Windows tablets be released then just disappear of the face of the earth, so what makes this one any different? With its 11.6inch display this slate is perfect for browsing the web and watching videos on, the capacitive touch screen allows easy navigation and the built in speakers are clear enough to fill a small room when listening to music. Having a 1.66GHz Intel Atom N450 CPU with 2GB of RAM the bModo plans to deliver these features at great speed.

Even though it does have some impressive features and specs, if you read this full review from you can see that it also has some downsides, the accelerometer can be slow, battery life at times is quiet short and the touch screen is very prone to finger smudges.

With a price tag of $799 you have to ask yourself, do the pros really outweigh the cons on this device? With cheaper alternatives like the Acer Iconia W500 and the Huawei S7 can this device really dent the market as much as it wants to?

Does this tablet appeal to you? If not what could it improve on?