UFC’s Tito Ortiz & Forrest Griffin’s Twitter War Of Words

When it comes to the use of Twitter to do your dirty work we have seen plenty of it in recent times. We have seen Ryan Babel showing referee Howard Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt which got him into trouble and we have also seen another war of words between David Haye and Audley Harrison.

It’s handbags at dawn again as UFC Fighters Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin are now having a pop at each other via the popular social networking site Twitter. The war of words between the two former light heavyweight champions started when Forrest Griffin made a little remark saying…

“I am the new tito, b*tch about injuries after everyfight win or lose, hold guys down a much as possible, never finish a fight.checkallboxs(sic)” – Check out his Twitter by clicking here.

Tito Ortiz who has been in the UFC for a very long time and is perhaps famed for his fights with our personal favorite, Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell has caught wind of the comment and replied. His comment wasn’t the nicest we have seen, it went like this.

“Hey go f*@K yourself! Run forest run like a b*tch! Never defended a world title!, been KTFO!, runs out the cage like a b*tch! Check all the above!” – Check out his Twitter by clicking here.

It could have been left there but fan favorite Griffin in person seems much like his fighting style, he doesn’t like to let anyone have the last word and we know Tito is the same. Comments went back and forth between them and now you wouldn’t put it past them stepping into the octagon to face each other.

We all know the pair have fought before and as Brian Lopez-Benchimol of fighters.com rightly says, the pair have faced off against each other on two previous occasions taking one fight each. We do like it when guys like this go head to head using Twitter, we are wondering who will be next!

Do you think these two will get in the octagon again? Who do you think will win the 3rd fight in the saga? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Greg

    Forrest will win the third, his striking is too good for tito now, and tito cant shoot for them double leg takedowns like in the old days