Spotify Deal With EMI: Pushing For US Expansion

Spotify’s quest to expand their music streaming services over to the US have take another step forwards, after they recently made a deal with huge music company EMI.

The Swedish based company is expected to launch their operations across the water in the next few months and has now made deals with 2 of the big 4 music labels. Spotify has partnerships now with Sony and EMI, which will give them a strong backing to expand their services. This new deal will see EMI deliver their content through Spotify in the US, as reported by Geeky Gadgets.

According to Cnet, Spotify must get the backing of the largest music label, Universal Music Group in order to bring their streaming to the US. They are also reportedly in talks with the final big music label Warner Music, who’s CEO has said increasingly positive comments about Spotify.

When Spotify do launch their services to the US, they will have to put up will Apple’s new policies which will require a 30% cut of any subscriptions the service sells through Apple’s iTunes platform. Leave us your thoughts on the possibility of Spotify launching in the US, and the success it will have if it did so.