iTunes Goes Gaga: Fastest Ever To 1 Million Downloads

It looks like Gaga is most certainly on the right track, as she has just broken yet another record which just happens to be having the fastest ever single to reach 1 million downloads on iTunes.

The pop queen needed only 5 days to smash the milestone with her single “Born This Way”. Tech Radar has reported that the eccentric singer is currently leading the iTunes singles chart in 23 countries across the globe which is a massively impressive feat. The American singer has won accolades left right and center and is looking to be like one of the most successful pop stars of all time.

Incase you are yet to hear the new song, we have embedded it for you below via YouTube where it has over 14 million hits, since being uploaded just over a week ago! It looks like 1 in 14 viewers have been downloading the track from iTunes, with the other 13 finding alternate and free methods to obtain the smash pop track. For news on Tinie Tempah “passing” 1 million Facebook fans, follow the link.

Gaga has 407,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel and a stunning 8.2 million followers on Twitter. Gaga and Justin Bieber regualry fight it out in this catergory with both, being the only to have gained one billion video views on YouTube, along with Shakira.

There has been a little controversy about Gaga’s new track on Twitter, due to it being branded a rip off of Madonna‚Äôs Express Yourself, as reported by Music Rooms. Leave us your thoughts on “Born This Way” and Gaga fans tell us how you feel about helping her to her success.

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