Archos Arnova Touchscreen Clock Radio: 12,000 Stations Plus More

The majority of us savor every moment of being wrapped up in our comfortable beds, just before being rudely reminded to get up by some irritating announcement from your bedside alarm clock. Now for most of us the alarm clock is a plain and functional item, sometimes injected with the presence of a AM/FM radio crackling into life.

Archos decided that this dated picture of morning arousal was not good enough and have introduced its Arnova web radio & TV. However the title ‘clock radio’ doesn’t really give justice to the features available on the Archos.

As Engadget reports this device not only provides you with an alarm clock it also gives you access to a number of other features.

How about starting off with its 3.5-inch touch-screen which you can use to access 12,000 streaming radio stations. Due to its display screen the Arnova also has the ability to play over 1,500 web TV channels and podcasts.

Adding this to features like the SD card port giving access to your stored media, high quality FM radio reception and built-in stereo speakers, the Archos device offers a lot more than your standard bedside unit, oh, and it also has an alarm clock with multiple alarm functions.

So admit it your looking at your old clock radio with a little bit of disappointment, the only way that Archos could have made the Arnova better is to add tea/coffee making facilities. But wait, I’m sure that’s been done, Teasmade anyone?

Why not check out the full specs on the Archos Arnova web radio & TV here, and let us know what you think?