Apple iPad 2 Price: How Much Will You Pay?

The Apple iPad was a success in 2010; it took the failing dead market of the tablet PC and brought it back to life. One other tablet in 2010 made a bit of an impact and that was the Samsung Galaxy Tab but nothing like that of the iPad.

After rejuvenating the market last year, we have seen no less than fifty new tablet PCs as we expected being showcased for release in 2011. Some of them look like tidy bits of kit whilst others will fail before they really get started. Following the success the anticipation for a successor to the Apple iPad has been rumored. If we are to get an Apple iPad 2, when it comes to price how much will you pay?

The rumor mill has been ongoing for the iPad 2 for some time now, we have seen various cases with holes in unusual locations for a rear facing camera and we have seen screen protectors that appear to have a hole in the front to house what looks like a front facing camera. We have also seen the current iPad accessories being retailed at a cheaper price which normally signals something new coming.

With some of the tablet PCs that are being released with dual-core processors in them and all sorts of innovative ideas, we are a little worried that Apple will bring this device in and it will be out of date already. You only have to look at project Kal-El involving NVIDIA to realize where the technology is going.

None the less, we are still hopeful that the iPad 2 will hit us soon and will have great specs. The only problem with the iPad 2 potentially having great specs is that we as consumers may end up facing high prices.

With all that in mind, we want to know from you… How much are you prepared to part with for an iPad 2 when it eventually makes its way onto the scene?

  • chloe

    i wanted the 1st generation ipad not that long ago then i found out about the ipad 2 so i am hanging on id say im prepared to pay £800-900. But if the quques are like what they were before when the 1st ipad was released then i wont be getting one for a while because they sold out thta fast last time lol i am not standing outside apple to get my ipad at midnight ….

    • The truth

      Chloe, you are a muppet. £800-900?? It's folk with more money than brains like you that keep prices of these massively marked up pieces of cheap mass produced rubbish that isn't even cutting edge by the time it's on the shelf so high in the first place.

      Well done… plonker.

  • Sasquatch

    "With some of the tablet PCs that are being released with dual-core processors in them and all sorts of innovative ideas, we are a little worried that Apple will bring this device in and it will be out of date already. You only have to look at project Kal-El involving NVIDIA to realize where the technology is going."

    LIke you said, with more technologic advances upon us, when iPad 2 finally drops, they actually may be a little behind. With that in mind, I am willing to pay the same prices the first gen iPad came out with. Meaning, $499 for a 16gb Wi-Fi and so on. Give or take $50, that's all I'm willing to shell out for the same screen resolution and a low megapixel front facing camera. Finally having that Facetime camera is no leap in the the technology field as many other tablets out on the market already, or coming out first quarter and before the iPad 2, already have them!

  • Richard

    no more than £600

    • Louis

      I AGREE!!

  • Angud


  • @marciomorgado

    I'm willing to pay about $200 more of the ipad price but I wouldn't go above that. In addition, I would only pay it was a good ROI.

  • colin

    Sick and tired of waiting for iPad 2. Will probably buy the Xoom – at least we know it's coming.

    • alien013

      fool ur self… u will wait for ipad 2…

  • Mark

    getting a Xoom, like comparing a BWM with a Toyota features wise. And is here now.

  • Craig

    Tired of waiting for the IPAD 2 after awhile it gets to be a joke.
    I probably will now buy the Xoom

  • des

    The iPad is too locked in the Apple for me and also doesn't do enough for the price. The Macbook Air gets close but now too big, as is the 10" size I need 7" or less that I can plug anything into, change the OS if I want to. None of the iOS boxes officially allow that.

  • Rizan

    Australian $800 (base model)

  • Ray

    I'm been reading almost all of those rumor off the web and based on those rumors, I think I am willing to pay $500-$700 because there might be a disappointment of a retina display, amount of mega pixels on one of the cameras, A4 could appear in the iPad 2 instead of the new A5 and a argument wether there will or will not be a USB port or a SD Card slot.

  • Andy

    Mmm, a BWM eh, is that the cheaper version of the BMW? 😉

  • Vitaly

    u mean apple is the BMW and Xoom the toyota?, I still believe apple is the best!
    All others just try to copy it.

  • manmbaye

    I am looking for one or two things in the ipad 2; 1 the usb port and 2 a HD camera. All these nvidia techs specs are only show off as long as one can compare what appeared on the forum that was held in spain few days ago.No new pad can even be compare to the actual ipad performances. It is stil the best pad one can dream off.
    For the price, I may say that the best way to guess is to compare the difference between the Iphone 3GS and the Iphone 4, 100 quids more than the actual price and that is it. I believe that Apple make these machines for the average customer not only for the loaded one. If it was for the later, my prevision is that they will go bankrupt in few years to come.

  • Dan

    16GB – £449 $599
    32GB – £529 $679
    64GB – £609 $779

    (all wifi)

  • cullie

    in my opinion the ipad 2 has got to be compared the motorola xoom. the xoom is set to have a release price of £500 in the uk. this means that according to the following link it must be cheaper than that due to its lack of 4g, hd screen,no flash player and apparently 2 cheap low pixel cameras. if this is true i will not be purchasing the ipad but more likely the motorola xoom in may.

  • Applipd

    I think that I would be willing to pay 400$-$500 for the iPad 16 gig

    • Louis

      ME TOO!!!!

  • BLAAH :)


    I think we should pay maybe $500-600

    That would be reasonable and not

    Overpriced .

  • Vitaly

    I am waiting for the Ipad 2 introduction on marsh 2. That were we will see for good who the king in tablets.
    I believe apple could predict that ipad 2 would definetly most have an hd camera, for micro usb and sd cards, I am not so sure. 1 thing I am sure of is ipad 2 will be the # 1 tablet of the year as ipad 1 was.

    Android looks interesting but it still not as nice as the apple ios, ios is just so easy and nice to work with. Just wish apple would add wigets and make the deiveces more twiked so advanced users can benefit of it, like in android u can drag the top hiden menu down and configure your device quickly. That kinda really handy I think.

  • Jon Gibson

    Boys and Girls, don't mistake features for functionality. I have an iPad and use both the Galaxy Tab (the first iPad killer) and Xoom (the next iPad killer) at work. Hands down the iPad is the more functional and beautiful solution. My 3 years of investment in Apps flow seamlessly to the iPad and my entire music and video collection is at my fingertips with the push of a button. It just works! There is a reason that Apple has sold 15 million iPads: The magic of the experience of using the device.

  • Vitaly

    The new Ipad 2 is out today and it is darn awsume no way that the competitors beat that beautifulness .

    Slick design and classy, as always apple know how to be #1. CHeers

  • Jemma

    £200 i think because if it’s too pricey then only all the snobby rich people will buy it, but for the rest of the poor people (me) won’t get one :(

  • Guest

    I think that the iPad is way too overpriced. Just like any Apple product. If you overprice an iPad, at least include a very basic, simple cover. That's the minimum Apple could do. Also, for this price, if you include a camera, at least make sure it's a decent one. I understand that Apple intended it for video conferencing, so it's quality is low. Ok, then what about the iPhone? Is that tiny device is intended for video conferencing, too, with it's hires camera? It don't make any sense. Not to mention, people are coming up with innovative ideas to utilize the camera, such as 360 panorama creation. Or creating time lapse photos. I could setup the iPad 2 next to the window, and using a time lapse program, I could record the clouds, or day, flower growing, etc while I'm gone. Did Apple think of that when they added such a cheap camera?

    And yes, the so called "HD" camera is cheap, too. At least the quality that you get out of it. I know marketing materials advertise it as "HD", but the quality is so compressed it's not worthy of anything but showing off that I have two holes on my iPad. Compare the HD quality iPad/iTouch recording to an HD recording of, say, a Sony HX5V digital camera. HUGE difference!

  • SirCustardDeCreme

    I will pay 79 new pence.

  • Stuart

    I’d pay 30 quid for it.