WowWee Light Strike: Gaming Becomes Real Life

Do you remember as a kid when you used to go to the lazer games with your friends and run around shooting people? This really did bring real life and gaming into the same category. Now there’s a new refurbished version of the game, with new guns and weapons.

Over at Engadget, Christopher Trout has written a report which is explaining about how Light Strike aims to bring video game action into the real-world. These guns are pretty cool; they have finger print recognition, in built ammo meters, a health meter.

The video at the bottom of the article explains how the guns are fully customizable with accessories such as a grenade launcher that can take out multiple targets at the same time, a machinegun bipod with real recoil action and an enemy detector that tells you where the enemies are up to 30 feet away. Lastly, my favorite, an LED scope which gives you an extra 100 feet of range!

As John Biggs of CrunchGear explains, the guns will cost around $40 and the accessories are all sold separately. There’s a variety of different game types such as a single player target game, one-on-one and the interesting part, 4 teams with unlimited team sizes. This could end up becoming a sport!

What do you think of the guns? Which was your favorite accessory? Let us know in the comments section below.