Windows 8 Tablets Including “Arm Chipsets” By End 2011?

When you mention the word ‘tablet’, the first manufacturer that springs to mind is Apple. Its fair to say that the iPad started the tablet revolution, and since then has been the benchmark for all devices that have followed in its path.

But why was Apple allowed to run away with the slate phenomenon? Microsoft had the opportunity to capitalize on the tablet success, and as Business Insider remembers Microsoft took a media bashing for missing the boat.

However news just in tells that the electronics manufacturer is closer to releasing an iPad challenger than we all thought. Slashgear sourced information stating that approximately 1,000 Microsoft engineers have been set to work on their Windows 8 OS, ARM chipset performance. This would suggest that Microsoft is taking the tablet market seriously according to Adam Holt, an analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Mr Holt also mentioned that even with Apple dominating the current tablet market, Microsoft still manages to pull in a percentage from iPads success. He quotes, “Where iPads are being deployed, corporate are often leveraging virtual desktops to provision Windows and Windows apps” adding, “MSFT generally gets $100/device in this scenario.”

While this is no doubt good news for followers of Windows, the certainty remains that Windows 8 OS has got to smash the sales targets to be in with a chance of catching Apple’s iPad. With downsides surrounding power limitations, on AMD and Intel processors the ARM-based chipset should prove its worth.

Do you think Microsoft have the ability play ball with the big boys of the tablet world?

  • Romy Paul

    Yep it has. Microsoft has an exceptionally patient management which thinks in terms of decades, not years.

  • Mathew

    Do I get points for noticing that “allowed” was spelt wrong in that article?