Top 10 Twitter Trending Topics: What’s Made It This Week?

It’s that time again, this week’s top 10 Twitter trends has been provided by Mashable and there’s quite a mix of things in there this week. As usual sports figured have crept in with the hardcore fans of Justin Bieber.

The 10th place this week is handed to the UK Brit Awards, this was broad casted live on TV as it is every year. The Brits award ceremony normally sees the British music industry and international awards being handed out, one that the Internet went crazy for was that man, Justin Bieber winning the ‘International Breakthrough Act’.

The 9th position went to the Jonas Brothers whose fans shared their love on Valentine’s Day whilst the 8th position went to Maulid Nabi. This is a celebration of the birth of the Prophet Muhammad; this occurs in the 3rd month in the Islamic calendar, this is an event observed by all Muslims.

Position 7 was taken by the Egyptian protests where Hosni Mubarak resigned from his position as President of Egypt, something else that contributed was the ‘brutal and sustained sex assault’ of Lara Logan who was covering the protests. Not Nice at all.

In 6th place this week was a man who is recognized by anyone in the world of soccer, Ronaldo Luis Nazario de Lima or as everyone knew him… Ronaldo retired from professional football. In his prime the Brazilian was pretty much unstoppable but at the age of 34 he was sustaining regular injuries and not performing to the high standards that he sets himself. His retirement is a sad day for all football fans.

Britney Spears popped up in 5th spot because her new video premiered on Thursday for ‘Hold It Against Me’ as well as the star releasing the 7th album of her career titled Femme Fatale, the album is due to hit us on March 29th.

In at 4th is one of the more regular top 10 featuring members Lady GaGa. The star picked up several Grammy Awards as well as her new single ‘Born This Way’ premiering last Friday. The other person that normally joins Lady GaGa is back again this week, Justin Bieber who got a mention by ‘The Rock’ on his return to WWE Monday Night Raw is in at 3rd. The Biebster didn’t pick up any Grammy awards but did pretty well out of The Brits so well done to him.

In at second was Valentine’s Day, Twitter went berserk for it with people sharing funny stories of previous experiences as well as sharing poems, tips and lending others a helping hand. Google even changed their logo on their search engine for the day.

Top spot this week went to the Grammy Awards. Best New artist which pretty much everyone had Justin Bieber marked for went to Esperanza Spalding and the group Lady Antebellum picked up none less than 5 awards along the way. Album of the year went to Arcade Fire.

Is this week’s Twitter top trends as you expected? Did you think The Rock’s hilarious return to Monday Night Raw might have edged in? Let us know in the comments below.