Idapti2+ Mobile 3 Device Universal Charger: $40 At Walmart & Costco

Ever get fed up with your family arguing over plug sockets to charge up their mobile devices, and that’s not to mention the tangled wires? News in today may be about to make your life a little less stressed, we are not just talking about a new mobile docking station that allows you to charge one mobile device, not two but three at any one time. Bring on the “Idapti2+ universal charging machine that was initially launched back in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

On looking close up at the Idapti2+ as Engadget reported, it includes 2 charging ports as well as a USB connection. On taking out your handsets, this has been made easy with a “quick release” button allowing the device to slide out with ease. The machine is compatible with at least 4,000 various devices including Apple’s iPhone, Nintendo Xbox controllers and PSP, Bluetooth, BlackBerry and GPS devices.

The docking station is now available for shipping according to with a retail price of $39.99 from outlets such as, Walmart, Crutchfield and so on. As well as this, a list of six popular charging tips such as Nokia 2, Sony Ericsson 2, miniUSB and so on will be included.

What are your thoughts on this new docking station? Are you tempted?