Google Doodle Celebrates “Romanian Sculptor” Constantin Brancusi

When you click onto Google’s search engine today, you will be met with yet another Doodle. This time its celebrating the famous Romanian Sculptor “Constantin Brancusi,” and what would have been his 135th birthday. On looking at the Doodle you can see its made up of some of Brancusi’s work with sculptures “Sleeping Muse,” and “Bird in Space” made out of different materials.

The Doodle’s that we have all come to enjoy, either cover specific dates on the yearly calendar such as Valentines Day, Mother’s Day and so on, or acknowledging certain individuals such as Martin Luther King, explorer Ernest Shackleton, author Jane Austen or inventor Thomas Edison.

Brancusi who was born in 1876 was as Metro reported, being remembered as an important figure of modern sculpture including carvings made out of wood, marble, bronze and limestone along with abstract pictures. His work as the stated, is just as important as Picasso’s paintings. Close friends of Brancusi actually included Pablo Picasso and Henri Rousseau.

From Romania, the sculptor moved to France and in the 1920’s, set up his own studio to carry on with his iconic work. By the time he died in 1957 he had produced some 215 sculptures.

Are you a fan of Brancusi’s works? Let us know. Have you got a favorite Doodle?