Get On The Oscars Guestlist With Apple’s iPad Backstage Pass

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards known as the Oscars are due to kick off in just over a weeks time. Its a chance to embrace not only actors and actresses in the film industry, but to recognise the hard work from directors and writers. The ceremony which is now classed as one of the oldest in the world with the first in 1929, can be seen in over 200 countries, and it will kick off on February 27. For Oscar fans, you will be able to look at the goings on backstage using live streaming with the help of a new $0.99 iTunes app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

The app named “The Oscar Backstage Pass” has now been developed for such devices, in the hope that it will keep the event alive bringing it to a number of consumers on the latest up to date technology. If purchased, the app as Mashable reported, will not give a live broadcast of the Oscars, but acts as a second screen, giving you a mass of information including video clips from behind the scenes, interviews from some of the hottest celebrity names as well as Oscar footage from past events.

As well as this, subscribers will be able to view celebrities using different camera angles, as they arrive and walk down the famous red carpet. Once the ceremony has finished, you will then be able to see the “after party” goings-on with the benefit of cameras positioned at the Governor’s Ball.

According to, Executive Vice President for Digital Media Disney/ABC Television Group, Albert Cheng said, “The Backstage Pass App is one of the many ways that we are using digital technology to redefine the Oscar experience this year, together with the Academy, we’re excited to be able to lower the ‘velvet rope’ and offer viewers new ways to be a part of Hollywood’s biggest night. We wanted to offer an experience to viewers that allows them to feel like they’re there with their favorite nominees and be able to see the stars mingle at this prestigious event.”

Whilst on the subject of Oscar apps, another one to consider is Awards Hero: Oscars Edition 2.0. As Gary over at PR News stated, the app will yet again be available for Apple devices and will give you the option to vote on who you think should win. Once decided, this can then be shared out with your friends on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter.

With just 8 days to go until the big ceremony, what are your thoughts on the new app(s)? Tell us who or which film you would like an award to go to, could it be one of the 2 hot favorites “The Social Network” or “The Kings Speech?”