Android Battle iPhone: Droid Bionic vs HTC Thunderbolt vs iPhone 4

So your on the verge of changing your phone contract, either you’re 2 years is up or the introduction of Apple’s iPhone 4 has got you thinking about a jump to Verizon Wireless. But it’s not that simple, once you’ve decided on the Verizon package there is the small task of selecting a handset.

Now we can pretty much condense the list down to three smartphone’s currently at the top of their game, Apple’s iPhone 4, Droid Bionic and HTC’s Thunderbolt, but which one to choose? Straight off we can tell you that all three are powerful smartphones packing video chat capability, Swype and Flash. The Thunderbolt and Bionic featuring 4.3-inch displays while the class leading iPhone manages 3.5-inches.

But while we can reel off these quick facts easily enough, Digital Trends found a simpler way of comparing the trio. Scattertech rounded up a list of information about the smartphone’s and have laid them out in a simple to read tick list.

You can scan down the listings and clearly see in which area the Android and iOS devices score, every item from camera capability and battery life down to the amount an available app can be found.

Obviously when it comes down to available apps the iPhone 4 wins hands down, although standby battery life places it at the bottom of the pack.

Why not check out the rundown and let us know if it could assist you in selecting your next device?

  • Gilliam

    Since the iPhone is the only one on the market, shouldn’t you compare the other two phones to the iPhone 5? These comparisons are old! If you were going to wait for a Phone, wait to compare the iPhone 5.

  • James

    Uh, the iPhone 5 will be out by the time the Droid Bionic releases. And the Thunderbolt is in rumor-hell, and also not released. So what is this article actually about? The only info given was compiled by Scattertech.

    • Cor-E

      Apple has consistantly released a new iPhone mid year in either June or July. The Droid Bionic is expected to release in April. So how do you figure the iPhone 5 will be out before the Droid Bionic? Last I checked, April comes before June and July.

  • S T

    Huh? The iPhone 4 doesn't have Swype or Flash.

  • Bob

    Definitely either the HTC Thunderbolt or Droid Bionic…. I used to have an iPhone 4, and didn't like it. Android is considerably better, and I'm pretty sure iPhone doesn't have Flash, which is a major inconvenience. Although, the iPhone is better than Windows Phone 7

  • david

    thunderbolt is in the best buy add this am January 20th. Looks like its out.


      LOL…delayed…again (3rd time). GLAD I DID NOT PUT MY $50 down!!!!

  • thunderdong

    This is not about iphone 5 retart!

    • Jsc

      Ahhh, the irony of misspelling retard. Or maybe you meant to call him a poptart. Not sure.

  • john michael

    The iphones are just too restricted…. and people that have them are more driven to jailbraking them.

  • Arnon

    You can't compare these phones to the iPhone 5 since no specs have been released for it…
    The phones mentioned above have specs that were announced at CES 2011
    For now all smartphones would be put up against the iPhone 4 only because its the leading smartphone on the market until the iPhone 5 is announced/released

    (iPhone 5 should be called the iPhone V; V for roman numeral 5 and V for Verizon) 😀

  • iDontCare

    Can't produce an article without some iDrones posting crap. Maybe someone should invent a flash based blogging system?

  • Rex D

    Neither the Bionic or Thunderbolt have been officially released, so how do you actually KNOW what their specs/features/etc are actually going to be?

    • Arnon

      that is true but specs of the phones were announced and on display at CES 2011

  • BleebleBlabble

    The iPhone doesn't have flash or Swype!