Toy Story 3 & Its Rise To Box Office Stardom: Social Media Plays Its Part

Pixar renowned in the movie industry for films such as Monsters. Inc, A Bug’s Life, The Incredibles, Cars and of course Toy Story, have all acquired huge success and quite rightly so. Adults and children alike have packed out cinemas to watch the big hit movies, and particularly for Toy Story 3, its huge success can be put down to the use of social media.

As we have reported, social media can be used not just by individuals, but for companies and their brands, emergency services, pubs and restaurants, banks and so on. But concentrating on the story in hand or should I say Toy Story the final of Buzz and Woody’s adventures, Pixar and Disney had to decide on using social media and how it would be implemented, into what turned out to be a huge marketing campaign.

This as Mashable reported, cemented the film before, during and after the launch of it in June 2010. Social networking sites such as YouTube and Facebook were geared up to not only aim the forthcoming film to Pixar/Disney fans, but also for those who would otherwise not be tempted. To have any chance of achieving this, varying demographics such as gender, marital status and age would have to be looked into. As well as families and the younger generation being targeted with TV and newspaper advertising, individuals in their 20’s were addressed through Facebook, YouTube and movie blogs.

Many students fall into this age category, and during the month of March, college campuses got involved with screenings lasting 65 minutes, giving them a sneaky preview and cliffhanger of what to expect.

As well as the obvious choice of using Facebook, both companies chose to target us oldies with the “Groovin with Ken” character, using the voice over of Batman actor Michael Keaton. YouTube with its viral “Lots-o’Huggin Bear” vintage type advert became another big success, with the pink bear Lotso pulling in some 1 million views on the video site.

These are just a few examples of how social media can be used to their full effect, to date the third chapter has raked in an impressive $1 billion dollars globally. To round off Pixar and Disney‘s quest in using social media, it is fair to say that not only was the film a success through its own merits, but can now be used as a stepping stone for others.

Tell us did you see Toy Story 3, and if so did you use social media to find out information and previews of the film? Out of the trilogy which ones your favorite?