Nintendo 3DS Packaged With Augmented Reality Cards

Following on from previous news we have brought you about the much awaited Nintendo 3DS, we thought we would bring you a quick follow up. According to recent news the 3DS is going to be packaged with six augmented reality cards.

As we all know the 3DS is set to really send shock waves through the gaming world when it’s released into shops on March 25th, this device produces 3D images without the use of 3D glasses. This is one of its key features but the other great feature that seems to be getting overlooked is its ability to relay augmented reality images.

According to this post from Gizmodo Nintendo plan to make good use of this feature by packaging six AR cards with the 3DS, these cards depict characters such as Kirby, Mario, Pikman, Young Link, Samaus and a “?” block. These cards can be placed in front on the 3DS camera and when playing one of the bundled AR games these characters will spring to life.

Although we know what are on the front of these cards the games that they hold on them are still unknown, if you’re not familiar with the concept of augmented reality you can watch the video below to show how it works on the device.

Though it’s been around for a while AR has only just seemed to start appearing on gadgets like the 3DS, iPhone and Android devices, if it turns out to be really popular with the new Nintendo device then maybe we will start to see AR pop up on more and more future gadgets.

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