How Using Social Media Screams ‘Please Rob Me’

How many people do you know that are entirely addicted to social networking? If you read through some of your friends pages on the likes of Facebook you will get a real insight into their life, what they like and what they don’t where they are and when, which is a bit worrying isn’t it?

Have you ever thought about when you have just announced to the world that you are going on holiday and the details that are on your page? According to the there was a study done which has revealed that 36% of social network users don’t lock their profiles, this means that anyone in the world can have a peek (including criminals).

Perhaps 36% doesn’t seem a lot to you but if you think of the total number of users signed up to Facebook is now above the dizzy heights of 600 million, you start to get an idea of the scale of the problem. In the Telegraph’s article, their author Julie Owens goes on to talk about how reformed burglars were also surveyed and 12% of them revealed that they would use social networking to get an insight into their victim’s whereabouts.

Perhaps these are some of the reasons why other countries frown upon the use of social networking sites such as Facebook, but we are sure that the burglars there have they have their own way of getting the details of where they are. If you start bringing in the geo-location side of things as well, thats a whole new can of worms as you are telling people where you are at that very moment! Another article reporting on similar information is placed over on the MSNBC website where their author Helen A.S. Popkin has added her take on things. Also, check out a website called ‘Please Rob Me’ (don’t be alarmed it’s legit) and join the battle to raise awareness of this problem.

Perhaps you will all think twice about telling the world you are about to embark on a two week cruise eh? Have you heard of incidents like this before in your area? If you have tell us your story in the comments section below.