goBAT II From Scosche: Portable iPad & iPhone USB Charger

We at OSM haven’t reported on too many portable chargers in the past, but one that has caught our eye is pretty interesting. It’s a device made by Scosche called the goBAT II and it works great for charging your iPhone and iPad.

One of the frustrations with the Apple products is the short battery life, especially if you use your phone regularly though out the day. Some of us at OSM have the iPhone 4 and have to charge it most nights so that we are contactable the next day!

As the author over at techgadgets.in says, you can now charge your device while you are on the move. The goBAT II doesn’t stop there, oh no, not only can it charge on the move but it can also charge multiple devices simultaneously. This is a great device for those of you who travel a lot and get frustrated at your device’s lack of battery life.

Onto the important part, how much does it cost? The device will cost you just short of $90 but if you were going to be using it every couple of days then it may be a worthwhile investment. According to the official Scosche website, you can re-charge an iPhone 3GS up to 3 times, an iPhone 4 2.6 times and you can boost your iPad battery life by 55%, head over to the official website where you can read about all of its features, specs and a full description of the device.

Would you find a mobile USB charger to be useful? Do you think this has been priced too highly? Let us know in the comments section below.