Connect With Your Favorite Music Bands Via Twitters “TweetLouder” App

Do you enjoy listening to music, and wish you had more time on your hands to connect with your favorite individual musicians or even bands? Are you a Twitter user, but really do not want the hassle of sifting through pages on the site to find information about what their doing and where their playing?

Social networking site Twitter is not only growing in user numbers, but its a way of following those otherwise inaccessible famous celebrity names, and its doesn’t necessary have to be the world of music, it can be footballers, actors, authors and so on.

Today’s news emphasises on a new service from “SonicLiving” with a free app by the name of “TweetLouder.” The guys over at Mashable were willing to give it a go, and by all accounts were pretty impressed by its results.

Basically, it works on the principle of looking through your current Pandora,, iTunes or SonicLiving accounts, to access the sort of music you are listening to, whether as we say its a band or just one person that’s drawn you in. By doing this, it will automatically bring up the Twitter accounts of as Mashable reported, your favorite musicians of which you can then follow.

Benefits of this include the accessibility to view their concerts that may be scheduled in the future, along with as stated, the use of a quick and simple service. In terms of time spent trying to find your favorite musician, this will take just in the region of a minute if not less.

Give it a go, and let us know what you think? Who are you currently following?