Verizon Home Phone Connect: Goes Live – Available Now

If you’ve been waiting for the new Verizon Home Phone Connect service to go live then there’s good news for you today as it’s available now. The service will cleverly allow you to link your home phone to the Verizon Wireless network without using an existing broadband connection.

The news comes to us from Jonathan S. Geller over on BGR who explains that the service employs a base station that will combine your landline phone to the Big Red’s cellular network. It seems like quite a good offering to us as for $19.99 monthly users will get unlimited in-phone calls to any U.S. number on any network or for $9.99 monthly your home landline can be added to your current Verizon Wireless family plan.

If you head over to the Verizon Wireless site at the link you can see the full details of the Home Phone Connect scheme. You’ll see that the actual Phone Connect device is free with a 2-year contract and it’s pretty simple to get things going. Merely plug your home phone into the device and you’re ready to go. We note from the Verizon website though that the $19.99 monthly plan can be accessed online, while a note on the $9.99 plan says it has to be ordered in-store or by phone.

What are your thoughts on this Verizon Home Phone Connect service and are you heading over to sign up right now? Why not let us know by sending us your comments.