Verbatim Keyboard (97537): A New iPhone & iPad Accessory?

So far we have seen many different accessories for the iPad and iPhone models, we have reported on a few different one such as the iPhone Pinball Magic accessory, the flip out keyboard case for the iPhone called the TK-421 and the one that matches the Verbatim the closest is the ZAGGMate keyboard case for the iPad.

There are quite a few differences though, whilst the ZAGGMate acts like a docking station for the iPad the Verbatim doesn’t, instead it has a completely different innovative design. It can fold up into a compact travel size and uses Bluetooth to connect to your device.

As Samia Perkins says in the article over on Slashgear, the device weighs in at 15.7 ounces which is astonishingly light. The snazzy keyboard also has an iPhone stand that slides in and out of the keyboard which is useful if thats the device you own.

This will appeal to those of you who have always wanted physical buttons for typing out your emails or texts on your iPhones and iPads but it will cost you a pretty penny, the device is priced at $79.99 over on Amazon where they also have a short review of the keyboard.

Would you use a product like this? What situations can you think of where this would be useful? Let us know in the comments section below.