My Virtual Girlfriend Apple App Guarantees You A Date

So as another Valentine’s Day passes us by, for some the most romantic day of the year brings the warmth and happiness that only a special someone can bring. Unfortunately for others it is a stark reminder that you really need to get out there and find somebody to share things with.

Well as Pocket-lint discovered, you may not need to venture very far at all to score those all important digits, if fact you can get them from the comfort of your sofa.

Wet Productions Inc. have released My Virtual Girlfriend for iPhone and iPad singletons, and as the name suggests it gives you the opportunity to share yourself a little love (or if you fancy, just the chance to see a lady in her underwear).

Lets not think for a second that this will make you gods gift, or that its just a sleazy ‘pick-up’ game for weirdo’s. The large selection of available young ladies come in all shapes and sizes to match your specific criteria, and actual brush up quite well in their 3D rendering. Obviously iPad users will gain the most benefit from the graphics, but iPhone holders wont miss out that much.

By responding to the potential dates questions you can increase your score, with the end goal to make your chosen love interest strip down to her altogethers for you. As in real life this isn’t as straight forward as you may think.

If you answer incorrectly to the questioning you could be knocked back down through the levels, the greater your responses the more chance you have of reaching your goal.

One guaranteed way of moving up a level is to take your young lady out to dinner, however this comes with its down sides. Buying a meal costs money, you can earn money by working, but this takes up precious time that could be spent with your virtual playmate, which in turn loses you vital points.

You see even in a virtual world, love is a cruel mistress. However unlike the real world, if you are on a losing streak you can just turn your device off.

Ingame report that while this app is rather entertaining, it could also be seen as a bit creepy. But in our opinion for 59p, Wet Production’s has given those with a nervous disposition around the fairer sex, the chance to brush up on their technique. Why not take a look for yourself, and let us know how you get on. Stud muffin or chocolate muffin?