Kno Tablet Shipping Delayed Up To 2 Months: Some May Wait Until April?

A while back, in fact November 2010, we brought you news of 2 tablets from Kno, which were potentially geared up those within the academic market. Kno’s offerings were expected to be one of a 14.1-inch single screen model, and the other a dual-screen with both shipping sometime in December. Unfortunately this did not transpire.

For those of you who have been sitting there patiently waiting for your device(s) to arrive, good and bad news is on the horizon today. News from Engadget, has reported that due to production problems, delays of the tablets will now be expected, in fact some pre-orders of the devices, may not be shipped out for another 2 months, giving an expected delivery date sometime in April. Added to this, there may be the possibility of some consumers not receiving their tablet(s) at all.

As Engadget pointed out, according to eBookNewser and CrunchGear, shipments may be delayed right through to April 14th, and to add to the frustration, the first batch of tablets will be restricted to a “limited number of students and teachers.” So as you can see, the bad news is that you have to wait again, and if there’s any good news to come out of this, you will get it in the coming weeks.

Over at CrunchGear, it was noted that pre-order customers have supposedly had e-mails sent out to them explaining the situation and subsequent delays. Lets hope the tablets arrive in time for the start of Fall 2011. In regards to this, Kno have spoken out and said, “Kno can confirm that we reached out to pre-order customers last week to advise them that we expect to have a product within 60 days.”

The textbook type tablets running on a NVIDIA Tegra-2 processor, have been designed for students and possibly lecturers to use as we said a textbook, type up notes and use it for digital media from bookstore, giving accessibility to thousands of book titles with up to 50% off the price compared to that of over the counter items.

Back in December when we heard that shipments were due to take place in the coming weeks, we did have an insight into pricing for Kno’s 2 offerings. For the single screen tablet, this will retail for $599 with the dual-screen at a hefty $899.

Tell us have you been waiting for your Kno, and did you receive an e-mail? Let us know which model you ordered and your feelings towards this news today?