iPad 2 News: Apple Hogs All The Touch Panels

Here at OSM we’ve been following all the latest developments, news and speculation about the next-generation Apple iPad, or iPad 2. Among our most recent posts we looked at some speculation about the iPad 2 keeping the A4 processor and rumors about an iPad Mini or iPad 3 this fall.

We are expecting the release of the iPad 2 within the next month or so and if you’re intending to buy one this should be good news for you. However if you’re after one of the many other tablets due out you might just run into trouble as it’s been reported today that Apple is hogging all the touch panels. The news comes from Thomas Ricker over on Engadget, sourced from the often-quoted DigiTimes.

Apparently almost 60% of the global touch panel production capacity is being supplied to Apple, which means that touch panels for other tablet producing companies are in short supply. The source to DigiTimes explains that the knock-on effect of this is of course, that components are now in such short supply that some tablet manufacturers will be unable to supply enough units to satisfy demand. That’s one way of beating off the competition!

Some of the other big boys in the tablet department will no doubt be able to sustain most, if not all of their touch panel requirements but it could certainly affect the second-tier manufacturers who may have been hoping to compete. Sam Oliver on Apple Insider also reports on this news so for more details check that out at the link.

We’re not suggesting that this is a deliberate move by Apple to restrain the competition but of course that could be what the component shortage leads to. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know with your comments.