Club DJs Targeted By Pioneer: DJM-900 Nexus Pro Mixer

So far in recent times we have reported on a few different audio devices including the FoxLv2 Bluetooth Speaker for your iPhone or iPad, 50 Cent’s new wireless headphones and the new iHome system that was showcased at CES 2011. Now we are reporting to you something a little more professional from Pioneer.

Club DJs are being targeted by Pioneer with the DJM Nexus Pro Mixer; this is the successor to the DJM-800 which is widely used in many clubs. This is a device designed specifically for professional DJs.

Over at Slashgear, Shane McGlaun is reporting on the device saying that the mixer has a whole bunch of different sound effects and features. This mixer has full TRAKTOR compatibility for plug and play simplicity, basically meaning you connect you PC using a single USB cable.

If you are interested in the new Pioneer mixer then you will need to be prepared to part with your pennies as with any professional DJ equipment it doesn’t come cheap. The mixer is priced at $2,399 and you can expect to see it in March, there’s a quick demo at the bottom of the article with James Zabiela so be sure to watch that. Remember to head over to the official Pioneer website to find out everything you need to know about the device, they have listed specs and key features to make it a bit easier for you.

Will you be picking up a new Pioneer DJM Nexus mixer? Is there a better one on the market today? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Anaru

    LOL perhaps do some more research; no such thing as a Nexus 800

    • edamage

      Perhaps you need to look closer at the article; nowhere does this article refer to the mixer as a Nexus 800…
      "Club DJs are being targeted by Pioneer with the DJM Nexus Pro Mixer; this is the SUCCESSOR to the DJM-800"