YouTube Discovers New 10 Year Old Singing Sensation

Over the years, YouTube has been the birth place of stars and there has been talk of another one in the making. A 10 year old girl from Canada called Heather Russel has posted videos of herself singing on the video sharing site and she has been likened to Justin Bieber.

Babble has spoken about the young singer’s incredible voice and compared her to pop star Mariah Carey. In a video we have embedded below, you can see Heather singing “every step of the way” in one of her videos. It is fair to say that she is certainly very talented for a 10 year old and could well be snapped up by a record label if potential is seen.

If you look at a pop star like Justin Bieber, he started his claim to fame by recording videos of himself singing and playing instruments on YouTube. He was discovered and signed by huge musician Usher and is know one the biggest names in music and showbusiness today. For Heather to be compared to him is a good sign and Metro has suggested that Bieber should be careful as Russel is just as good as him.

Heather’s YouTube video was uploaded last July and has had just over 100,000 views, but this publicity will crank that number higher over time. Many people in the YouTube community have posted comments about here likeness to Bieber because they both have girls voices, where others have said she is absolutely amazing. It has been reported that producer Rob Fusari who discovered the queen of pop Lady Gaga is interested in working with her. Leave us your thoughts on Heather’s talents and if she can become as big as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

  • KarenSD

    Difference between her and Bieber is that she's a real singer…I mean, a singer…Bieber is pretty and can sing and good for him, but singers are rare…she's a torch song in a 10 year old body…

  • themom

    this kid is awesome – reminds me a bit of alanis m – I hope she doesn't become a "manufactured" disney style robot like performer like Justin – she's got soul…. go Heather!!!!!