WWE Show The Way For Social Media With The Rock’s Help

When it comes to sports it‘s definitely integrating further with social media. When you think about different brands and sports and the advancements they have made with their social status its pretty amazing.

Look at what the UFC have been doing, the last pay-per-view event UFC 126, they showed some of the undercard fights on Facebook and all you had to do was ‘Like’ their page. Now we are hearing of how the WWE are showing others the way in terms of a structured approach.

There has been a build up for a few weeks as to who the host of Wrestlemania was going to be this year. On Monday Night Raw this week we found out who would be doing the job, none other than the most electrifying man in sports entertainment Dwayne Johnson or as he is more widely known, The Rock. He made an insane return wowing the crowds with his comical comments about other superstars such as John Cena.

Over at mmapayout.com they have added an article based on a previous one from Mashable. There are four parts to the strategy, they have learned from the evolution of web usage, they have constantly added original content to all of its sites, they have extended the storylines and they have been building the brand of individual stars.

When it comes to The Rock there’s not a bigger star, he has featured in many films as have many stars of the WWE. In his time on Raw The Rock mentioned several times social networking sites such as Facebook. You can check out his Facebook profile and Twitter which are just a few of the 108 unique webpages that are maintained by the WWE.

What do you think of the way that WWE and UFC are using social media? Can you think of any other sports that use it better? Let us know in the comments section below.