Why Nokia Went With Microsoft Instead Of Google Android

Remember a few days ago when we reported to you about the potential mashup between Windows Phone 7 and Nokia? Well as you are probably aware it has become a reality making this perhaps the final opportunity for Microsoft and Nokia to break into the smartphone market this time collectively.

Following the announcement more than 1,000 Nokia workers marched out of the office striking at the deal that was struck with Microsoft. Since then we have seen WP7 releasing details and videos of the new features of the upcoming update for their system. Now we have heard some of the reasons of why Nokia didn’t go with Android and we want to know if you agree?

Android has become the most powerful OS in terms of market share so most people would be flummoxed by the fact that Nokia would go with the failing Windows Mobile 7, especially if the Android route was a possibility.

Over at Phandroid their author Quentyn Kennemer has some theories behind the move from Nokia, the author mentions that Schmidt said that Google expressed genuine disappointment when Nokia chose Microsoft over them. Kennemer thinks that the reasoning behind the Nokia decision is more to do their newly appointed CEO Stephen Elop (former head of the business division at Microsoft) still having close ties with Microsoft.

If it’s not this reason then is it genuine optimism? Are Nokia seeing something that we and everyone else that has gone with Google Android aren’t? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.